PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards Artificial Intelligence/Data Analytics Initiative Silver Winner Pharmafusion

October 24, 2022


The landscape of data has remained relatively unchanged since the dot com bubble. The workflow is truncated and the data itself is so cumbersome that it takes teams of analysts and developers to reinterpret information for presentations and shareholders.

Pharmafusion Founder and CEO, Jonathan Retano, created a system that combines dozens of data sets to create an ecosystem where teams can better navigate intricate data. The platform is designed around an interactive portal that creates a synergy between human intelligence and technology’s current algorithmic formulas, artificial intelligence, and third-party vendors.

While most aggregators tout the magnitude of the data they collect, Pharmafusion prides itself on the human component—unmatched service and a partnership across each phase of development. The platform is cloud-based and can be accessed on-the-go or at the office. Additionally, “The Pharmafusion Experience” offers team training, webinars, and full-service models.